Welcome to AndreaTorresMadison.com!

It takes courage to seek counseling help when your life is not going along as you wish. I welcome you to explore my website and to contact me if you believe we might connect and work well together.

Perhaps you are feeling
  • Sad or depressed about a life change or a loss
  • Unsure of yourself in a new relationship or role
  • Anxious about your thoughts, feelings or behaviors
  • Confused about who you are and your self worth
  • Frustrated about your inability to stay focused
Finding balance and meaning in your life is an ongoing process. Unrest, confusion or “dis-ease” can occur in any part of your being - emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or social. Any one of these aspects of your whole being can become disturbed. Subsequently, that imbalance can have impact on any or all of the other parts. Sometimes you can be in a “stuck” place or in a phase of great turmoil. I believe that healing and balance for good mental health can come from many directions.

Talking with a counselor or psychotherapist is one way of exploring the uncomfortable space in which you currently find yourself. Setting goals and effecting changes in your life, with the assistance of a professional, can be a challenging, as well as, an empowering experience. Often, at a point of crisis there is an opening in which you can better access your inner spiritual self and create growth on a deep level, as well as make positive transformations in your daily life.

My services are reimbursed through private pay on a sliding scale, some insurance companies, as well as Medicaid and Medicare. 

You may contact me at:
(608)255-8838 x9